Cine Tracer

Cine Tracer for MacOS running on a 2018 Macbook Pro

Cine Tracer is a real time cinematography simulator made with Unreal Engine. The hybrid game/app gives the user control of real world based cameras and lights to visualize realistic scenes and capture them to storyboards.



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Cine Tracer Systems

Cine Tracer includes several core “systems” that work together to enable a product virtual environment. These include: camera, lighting and grip, building, props, and actors.

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Creator / Developer

Cine Tracer is created by cinematographer Matt Workman of Cinematography Database. Learn more about Matt and Cinematography Database.


“Cine Tracer is easy to learn and simple to use.”

— a user who was paid by Matt to say this


User Work

Cine Tracer is used by cinematography students and by professionals who are working on high end music videos, commercials, television, and feature films.